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Meet Sharon
 Our Professional Organiser

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Sharon Eshman
Our Professional Organiser

Sharon is a trusted Professional Organiser. She is a long standing, fully insured, Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers.


Sharon's journey as a Professional Organiser began by decluttering and organising for friends; helping many through some tough and significant life changes. Chaos to Control was formed as a result of her passion and expertise in helping others to declutter and organise their belongings.


With her hands on, patient and empathy driven approach, Sharon has helped many happy customers over the years. With Sharons help many have felt unburdened of what are overwhelming, emotional and time consuming tasks.

Sharon's expertise and connections provide the right solutions to Chaos to Control customers. Customers love seeing their belongings repurposed, recycled or donated, and by reducing waste, customers enjoy an environmentally friendly decluttering process.

When you need help making your home or business clutter free and organised

  • before a sale

  • during or after a significant life change

  • if you are just too busy

  • or simply need an expert to help you

...Sharon is the perfect Professional Organiser for you!

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