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Case Studies of a Professional Organiser

Chaos to Control, Blue Mountains NSW

The busy and fulfilling life of a mum

Single mum, Samantha first came to us when she was drowning in 15 years worth of clutter. Working, studying and raising twins on her own, she knew she needed help with decluttering and getting her 3 bedroom duplex organised. We spent time going through her belongings in each space of her home and ridding her of an ex-husband's leftover belongings and those items her children had grown out of. 

It was tough to let go of belongings, with obvious memories embedded. We approached the decluttering process from the perspective of why some belongings held her back and with that Samantha's experience was freeing, healing and decisive.

Samantha then came to us again as she was entering the 'Empty Nester' timeframe of her life. With her children having left home, we helped Samantha work out what she was keeping and what was going. Then decided what the children's rooms would become. With a guest bedroom and a yoga/office space decided upon, we went shopping and set to restyling her new spaces and welcomed in her new phase of life with a fresh, decluttered and organised feel.

Chaos to Control, Blue Mountains NSW

A passionate, multi-tasking teacher

Rachel, a passionate and overwhelmed teacher, who was raising a toddler and a teen, whilst furthering her studies, had a home office that was not functional. Full of out of date teaching resources and paperwork build up, her office was buried in mountains of clutter.

We sorted the personal from the professional,  and then re-organised and restyled her home office space. 

With a fabulous, clear and organised office space Rachel was able to enjoy her family and work life, without having to step into a space that previously made her wonder when she would fit in the time to declutter and re-organise it by herself.

Chaos to Control, Blue Mountains NSW

The emotional journey when a loved one passes

Ten years after her husband passed away, Catherine came to us struggling with the idea of letting go of belongings that created clutter and were no longer useful to her.

With respect, patience and sensitivity, we worked with Catherine, aiming to honour the memory of her husband, whilst we helped Catherine to let go.

It was an emotional experience deciding what to keep or remove, however with our encouragement and expert guidance Catherine flourished and was able to reduce the clutter that hindered her moving forward, whilst keeping her precious memories of her life with her belated husband close.

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