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Chaos to Control, Frequently Asked Questions, Professional Organiser, Blue Mountains NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get your space/s decluttered and organised?

Every family is different, as is every home. Our aim is to work with you, at a pace that you're comfortable with when it comes to deciding what stays or goes.

  • Allow up to an hour for your initial consultation.

  • Decluttering and organising sessions are a minimum of 4hrs.

  • The amount of sessions required will depend upon a number of factors, which we will discuss with you at the initial consultation.

How do we begin the process?

Contact us for an initial consultation. We can then arrange a time to meet.

During the initial consultation we;

  • begin with a cup of tea ( very important!)

  • then tour your home or spaces you'd like to declutter and have organised

  • and finally we sit down to discuss your personalised plan and schedule sessions.

What happens with my belongings?

Together we determine what will be kept or removed.

Once you have decided what needs to go, we use your available resources or you are welcome to have us help with removal, for a fee. 

Some items may be re-used onsite, as storage for example, to reduce the need to purchase organisational solutions.

Throughout our sessions we will advise you with regards to the best way to remove excess items once the decluttering process is complete. Our advice will also include where and how you can recycle and donate your unwanted belongings.

Are Chaos to Control fully insured?

We certainly are!

Our Professional Organising Service is a fully insured business, and we've been Full Members of the Institute of Professional Organisers for several years.

What areas do you service?

We travel throughout New South Wales to work with our clients. From the leafy suburbs of the Blue Mountains, where we are based, all the way through to the lovely seaside and country locales, in and around Wollongong, Nelson Bay and Orange.

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