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What our happy customers have to say

Sharon has been amazing! She is currently helping rid myself of years of clutter and ‘stuff’ I’ve had on my ‘to do’ list for years. Sharon really has a holistic approach and has no judgment at all about the state of any room or cupboard we sort through. I feel she is helping me learn new ways of thinking that will stay with me for a lifetime. I can’t recommend her enough

Katherine Chesman

Sharon is fabulous! You want a clean & tidy house & she will make it happen! Nothing is too difficult for Sharon & her attention to detail is 'second to none'. I highly recommend Chaos to Control!

Cheryl Goodwin Voevodin

Sharon came over to help tidy my wardrobe and ended up doing much more. 4 bags of clothes to Salvo's. Sharon gave me the tools to continue the clean out. She is awesome!

Jennifer Barnett-Baistow

Thank you Sharon. You assisted me to clear out 30 years of collecting and hoarding to get the house ready for sale. Blue Mountains Cancer Help & other recipients have benefited from a lot of the good stuff and the tip has benefited from the rest. We worked through each room methodically sorting, clearing, throwing and donating. I couldn’t have done the clear out without you it would’ve been impossible to do it on my own. Again I say thank you.

Phillipa Rainsford Walker

Sharon sorted out so much chaos at my house due to me being a casual teacher and having lots of school things at home. I had been struggling to separate work from home and became completely overwhelmed and no way to be able to organise it alone with work commitments, a toddler and a nightshifting husband. It was the ideal service I needed and her skills in getting it sorted were truly amazing.


A day at time, over a couple of months, Sharon came and helped me to sort out my Kitchen Cupboards, the (large and very un-organized) Pantry and my Spare Room/Office. She didn’t mind the mess and dust, she was gentle with all the stuff and all the things I didn’t want but were too good to ‘throw out’ - we donated. She helped me decide what should go and what I should keep. I didn’t have to spend any money on storage containers or shelving or anything; we found there was plenty of what we needed to get it all organised in what was already there. It was amazing what we actually got done in 4 hours at a time, and now it’s all much better organised and more efficient and I feel so much better and more productive.

Bev Jones

Sharon is incredible! She is so knowledgeable, empowering, non judgemental and full of helpful tips and advice. I take such pride in my lovely home and since working with Sharon have had it completely turned upside down, more so than I could have imagined, it feels amazing!! A complete declutter, everything is systemised, and I finally feel free to let go of things that have previously held me back. I can't thank Sharon enough for her help. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. If you need help sorting, decluttering, organising or systemising, Sharon can help! I'm eternally grateful, and can't recommend her highly enough!

Mary Ann

I am very happy to recommend Sharon's professional decluttering services - we hired Sharon to help some friends who were facing serious illness and housing insecurity if they didn't deal with their chaotic home situation.

Sharon got to work straight away in such such a skilful and professional manner, quickly building positive rapport with everyone involved. The change we've seen in our friends and in their home is remarkable! Literally chaos to order. Despair to hope. Over the last 16 sessions, Sharon has brought order, dignity and deep care, with a healthy dose of humour, she has a trauma-informed approach to decluttering and this was very important for our friends who needed a clear, respectful direction and healthy boundaries.

For any mental health professionals (psychologists, counsellors etc) who need a Professional Declutter to refer clients to - I highly recommend Sharon. She is someone who is able to navigate the mental health side of things that often comes with hoarding issues.

Sharon has gone above and beyond to really make a difference and it has empowered our friends to live a life they deeply desire. We've had the privilege of witnessing this transformation from the inside / out. Our sincere thanks

Em Gee

To cope with some difficult changes, I decided to declutter my life and enlisted the help of Sharon Eshman from Chaos-to- Control. So far, in 2 weeks spread over the the last 7 months, we have worked in every room in the house. The bathroom, lounge and dining room should be finished today. Kitchen soon.

Yesterday the spare bedroom was completed and is ready for guests!

Joy Scully

Like other clients of Sharon’s, I have benefited enormously from her professional, empathetic and non-judgemental approach to guide me through downsizing and decluttering ahead of an interstate move into ‘deep’ (as distinct from ‘semi’) retirement. I’d been overwhelmed by even beginning the task and Sharon has helped me break it down into manageable chunks. She’s taught me various skills, techniques, criteria and rules of thumb for sorting through decades of accumulated stuff, which I am also applying to the books and papers accumulated in my academic career. A big bonus is her knowledge of people, organisations and sites for rehoming my now surplus stuff. I’m appreciating the growing feelings of freedom from excess stuff, and learning to let go of items by recognising that their formative role in my life is over: yes they have been part of who I am, they have shaped me, and now they can move on. And so can I. Live long and prosper to you and your enterprise Sharon! 

Zoë, retired academic, Blue Mountains

Sharon is amazing. What more can I say! I’m a busy mum of 3 young children who has time and/or energy for only essentials and along comes Sharon and my youngest has a room set to transition to big kid furniture and we continue to arrange easier to manage time saving work cutting fixes. You get a non judgemental, ready to give advice and work with you individual who only pressures when you need the extra push. Highly recommended. I can’t wait to see our finished result!

Emma Brest

After a day of complete overwhelm I researched organising services and I’m so glad I did. We live rurally on a working farm with multiple employees, throw in some young kids and bang - chaos. Sharon helped me regain my handle on the house, things are where they should be and the house makes sense. Sharon was easy to work with and I enjoyed our sessions! The kids are now keeping their rooms clean and making their beds of a morning too!

Sharon has given me the tools I need to keep my house organised, I have learnt that there actually is space in my house I’m just not utilising it and you really don’t need as much as you think you do!

Thank you Sharon!

Emma Bailey

Let us help you organise and declutter!

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