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Sharon has been amazing! She is currently helping rid myself of years of clutter and ‘stuff’ I’ve had on my ‘to do’ list for years. Sharon really has a holistic approach and has no judgment at all about the state of any room or cupboard we sort through. I feel she is helping me learn new ways of thinking that will stay with me for a lifetime. I can’t recommend her enough

Katherine Chesman

Sharon is fabulous! You want a clean & tidy house & she will make it happen! Nothing is too difficult for Sharon & her attention to detail is 'second to none'. I highly recommend Chaos to Control!

Cheryl Goodwin Voevodin

Sharon came over to help tidy my wardrobe and ended up doing much more. 4 bags of clothes to Salvo's. Sharon gave me the tools to continue the clean out. She is awesome!

Jennifer Barnett-Baistow

Thank you Sharon. You assisted me to clear out 30 years of collecting and hoarding to get the house ready for sale. Blue Mountains Cancer Help & other recipients have benefited from a lot of the good stuff and the tip has benefited from the rest. We worked through each room methodically sorting, clearing, throwing and donating. I couldn’t have done the clear out without you it would’ve been impossible to do it on my own. Again I say thank you.

Phillipa Rainsford Walker

Sharon sorted out so much chaos at my house due to me being a casual teacher and having lots of school things at home. I had been struggling to separate work from home and became completely overwhelmed and no way to be able to organise it alone with work commitments, a toddler and a nightshifting husband. It was the ideal service I needed and her skills in getting it sorted were truly amazing.


A day at time, over a couple of months, Sharon came and helped me to sort out my Kitchen Cupboards, the (large and very un-organized) Pantry and my Spare Room/Office. She didn’t mind the mess and dust, she was gentle with all the stuff and all the things I didn’t want but were too good to ‘throw out’ - we donated. She helped me decide what should go and what I should keep. I didn’t have to spend any money on storage containers or shelving or anything; we found there was plenty of what we needed to get it all organised in what was already there. It was amazing what we actually got done in 4 hours at a time, and now it’s all much better organised and more efficient and I feel so much better and more productive.

Bev Jones

Sharon is incredible! She is so knowledgeable, empowering, non judgemental and full of helpful tips and advice. I take such pride in my lovely home and since working with Sharon have had it completely turned upside down, more so than I could have imagined, it feels amazing!! A complete declutter, everything is systemised, and I finally feel free to let go of things that have previously held me back. I can't thank Sharon enough for her help. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. If you need help sorting, decluttering, organising or systemising, Sharon can help! I'm eternally grateful, and can't recommend her highly enough!

Mary Ann

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