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Chaos to Control, Professional Organiser, Blue Mountains NSW

Professional Organiser Services

All the help you need to declutter and get your spaces organised

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Our Services

When to hire a Professional Organiser

When you

  • are too exhausted with work and life to declutter and organise on your own.

  • become an Empty Nester and want to convert your children's room into a study, mancave or craft room.

  • sell your home and are looking to declutter to reduce packing and moving your belongings.

  • could you do with some help when your loved one passes.

  • ​feel overwhelmed after years of accumulating belongings.

Elderly Couple Contract


The Initial Consultation

We start with an initial consultation to discuss the spaces you would like to declutter and get organised. We will develop a personalised plan for you, and then schedule appointments to get you decluttering and organising.



Let's get Decluttering!

When we declutter we love to work methodically so we tackle individual shelves and rooms as we go. This reduces the temporary mess and makes for easier decision making regarding what stays or goes. 

With our expert guidance, compassion and patience, we decide together what's staying or going.

We have a number of solutions to help remove any unwanted items.

Well Organized Closet


It's time to get organised!

We now develop a functional organised system that works for you .

We determine

  • how you use your space

  • what is required and needed 

  • what you love

We take a strategic approach during this stage to make the most of your space to ensure it is functional, aesthetically pleasing and well organised.

Image by Dane Deaner


Stylish, functional and well organised!

Are you looking for a new style for your home or office?

This is an optional service that we an include if you've booked in for a declutter and organise. So if you're looking to add a little more sparkle to your home, feel free to let us know when you book in your 'Declutter and Organise' session.

Not your typical home stylists,  our Professional Organiser will work with you to ensure your space is not only stylish, but functional and super organised as well!

We offer a patient, hands-on professional organiser service with a green view and a sense of humour. 
We work with you to declutter and organise your home in keeping with our values to consume less, refuse excess, recycle, repurpose and donate.

Our Services: Services
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